A whole-hotel approach
to achieving aggressive
optimization goals

Cut guestroom electricity consumption, while ensuring optimum guest comfort. Anacove cloud-based energy management solution and connected thermostats empower hotel owners and operators to unlock unmatched savings and continuous optimization opportunities, as well as allow guests to control the comfort of their room.

anacove whole-hotel connected thermostats control

Anacove partners with IHG® as preferred vendor

At Anacove, we are committed to upholding IHG's brand standard for innovative connected thermostats.

Individually smart,
collectively genius

Anacove Connected Thermostats are IoT devices equipped with advanced sensors that detect temperature, humidity and other air quality factors, as well as the presence of guests. The devices quickly and seamlessly integrate with your PTAC or VTAC units, using existing WiFi infrastructure, to enable hotel-wide control. The result is the ability to individually optimize each and every room 24/7 – whether it’s rented, occupied or vacant – and drive immediate, ongoing efficiencies that add up to real savings. And unlike other types of networked occupancy or guestroom sensing thermostats, Anacove Connected Thermostats don’t turn off the AC or the heat when guests go to sleep, nor do they turn off when guests go out and leave their pet in a crate.

anacove thermostat and smartphone application

Some of our Clients and Partners

anacove energy management dashboard

The proven way to save money – without inconveniencing guests

PTACs and VTACs typically account for as much as 75% of a hotel’s energy bill. The Anacove Connected Thermostat saved IHG Hotels and Resorts an average of 1,157 kWh per year on each and every guestroom – all while keeping guests happy. Download the case study to learn how.


Delivers payback in twelve months, on average, and under six in high energy rate locations


Increases the savings as energy rates and consumption go up, ensuring long term value

6 (2)

Provides greater savings and ease of use compared to other types of sustainability initiatives


Optimizes guest comfort, ensuring net positive online reviews and the ability to charge higher room rates

“Anacove's support team made the thermostat installation process easy and user friendly. Your lead tech support for us, Josh, helped tremendously with communication. He quickly responded to the few questions we had and provided the assistance we requested. The thermostats are working great, we're cutting our energy use while keeping our guests happy.”

Engineered for hospitality

The Anacove leadership team are experts in hotel services and energy management. They applied their experience, insight and knowledge – as well as multiple patent-protected technologies – into producing the first-ever connected thermostat conceived especially for the hotel industry.

Centralized management...

Simple installation and operation

Plug-and-play system can be set up by your team or contractors, without the need for additional wiring. Virtually maintenance-free, the system is updated via the Internet.

Cloud-based energy management solution

Solves the unique challenges of hotel owners by bringing immediate value through energy optimization, while enabling ongoing, long term data-driven improvements.

Energy management as a service

Orchestrates PTAC and VTAC compressors across the property to avoid system-wide inefficiencies such as peak consumption charges, while ensuring guest comfort.

Integrates with top PMS applications

Simplifies integration, including combining data sources, as well as offers an easy-to-read dashboard, improving hotel and resource management.

... for individual comfort

Guests never enter a room that’s too hot or too cold

Operates at pre-set temperature ranges that provide guests with a positive, welcome experience from the moment they open the door.

Maximizes guests comfort

Ensures guests enjoy their stay by making temperature and air quality a non-issue through optimized performance.

Provides home-like simple operation

Allows guests to easily control room temperature, reducing if not eliminating help calls to the front desk or building services.

Learns from guest behavior and room attributes

We combine our experience, proprietary algorithms and machine-learning powered insights to constantly upgrade the guest experience and improve energy efficiency.

anacove staff safety alert

Enable your hotel staff to request immediate help anywhere on the property

anacove toilet leak detection 

Identify leaks to reduce water bills

anacove asset tracking

Identify the location of luggage carts and other items for rapid retrieval