Staff Alert and Efficiency 

Continuous location monitoring of staff members via a discreet wearable identification card helps with associate distress and optimize staff activity based on real-world data.


New wearable miniaturized wireless technology can provide your property staff the ability to summon assistance if at any time they have a safety concern. The Anacove solution, implemented with a discreet wearable identification card, likewise allows continuous location monitoring of staff members to help you optimize staff activity based on real-world data.


In-Room Climate Control

Lower energy costs by implementing centrally set override rules for in-room HVAC units, controlled for one or more properties from a single, easy-to-use interface.


Energy costs are among the most significant line item expenses for hospitality and multi-family facilities. Anacove solutions allow owners and operators to optimize in-room heating and cooling to save upwards of 35% on energy costs, simply by implementing centrally set override rules for the use of the in-room HVAC unit—all of which can be controlled for one or many properties from a single, easy-to-use interface. Wireless solutions from Anacove also allow wall-mounted thermostats that offer a user-friendly (and property-monitorable) alternative to the less familiar controls on HVAC units.

Loss Prevention 

Anacove’s wireless-enabled solution dramatically reduces in-room theft for hotels by alerting management if a fixture is removed from the guest room.

Hotel operators and owners in the United States suffer millions of dollars in losses annually due to petty theft of hotel property from guest rooms. The most common big-ticket item targeted by thieves: the television set, which flat-screen technology has made ever more easily “portable”. Anacove’s wireless-enabled solution dramatically reduces guest room theft by instantly alerting the property’s designated contact if any fixture is removed, providing an opportunity for management to take preventative action.


Property Wide Asset Tracking 

Allow staff members to effortlessly track hundreds of assets across hotel properties of any size, streamlining operations, reducing costs, and improving the guest experience.


From cots to room service trays and luggage carts, a hotel’s assets are always on the move. For staff, finding them when needed can be a time-consuming task that keeps guests waiting. Utilizing miniature wireless devices and an intuitive web interface, Anacove’s solution allows hotels to take their efficiency and customer service to the next level with real-time, customizable asset tracking.