In-Room Climate Control

Maximize Energy Savings Today. Centralized Smart Thermostat Solution

Operating savings you can bank on.


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35% saving every month, stack up. 

Centralized smart thermostat solution.


Centralized Smart Thermostat: 

Anacove, super easy to use thermostats.

Wish you could manage the electricity consumption of every guest room? We can. We monitor every environmental characteristic of the guest room and the existing HVAC equipment. Adding Anacove’s In Room Climate Control means no more guesswork.

Real Savings:

  • Monthly saving estimate

  • ROI less than nine months for most properties

  • Low capital outlay

  • Extend HVAC CapEx cycle

Environmental Benefits

  • Reduced electricity usage

  • Indoor Air Quality gains

  • Carbon foot print reduction

Guest Satisfaction

  • Right temp at the right time Time based set back

  • Integrated smart phone room temperature control (use virtual thermostat as message)

  • No more hot or cold nights when your guests sleep

  • Simple front desk VIP override

  • No more stale air when the guest enters the room

Innovative Technology: 

Your guests deserve to always be comfortable at your property.


Using data to reduce operating costs, increase guest satisfaction, and lower your properties carbon footprint, Anacove customers are realizing the benefit of centralized Thermostat management. We focus on the comfort of the guest room so you can focus on the guest.

SMART Management:

  • Occupied, Unoccupied and Unrented

  • PMS integration

  • Occupancy algorithm

  • Staff not required to remember to manually change thermostat

Intelligent Oversight:

  • Centralized control

  • Automatic seasonal profile creation based on local weather

  • Automatic adjustment to weather forecast

  • Temperature control based on each rooms measured PTAC efficiency

Data & Analytics:

  • Monthly report detailing operational time reduction for the HVAC system

  • Guest occupation measurement

  • Maintenance management based on actual function and efficiency

Environmental Champion:

  • What is the environmental impact of the energy savings

  • Indoor Air Quality compliance percentage

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