anacove toilet leak detection

Automate alerts when
toilets leak

Enable your maintenance crew to get automated alerts when toilets develop slow leaks that can waste 100 to 2,000 gallons per day. A hotel that is at least three years old will typically discover that 20% of their toilets are leaking at any one time, running up high water bills. And by taking manual inspection of toilet leaks off the maintenance list, your hotel will save money while your crews can handle more important tasks that improve your guests’ experience.

Tailor made toilet leak detection devices for the hospitality industry.
Anacove toilet leak detection sensor

An innovative way to detect toilet leaks in guestrooms

The Anacove Toilet Leak Detection Alert device is placed within each toilet tank. It continuously tracks water level and flow, and alerts your maintenance and operations teams when a valve needs replacing, saving water and money.


Cuts water waste and water bills, while detecting frigid water that could indicate exposed or uninsulated pipes


Reduces time and effort your maintenance crew spends on checking toilets for leaks


Automates the detection process, saving money, water and time


Enables your maintenance crews to focus on activities that provide a better experience for your guests

Some of our Clients and Partners

Engineered for hospitality

The Anacove leadership team are experts in hotel services and energy and water management. They applied their experience, insight and knowledge – as well as multiple patent-protected technologies – into producing a toilet leak detection device conceived especially for the hotel industry.

Centralized management...

Designed specifically for the hospitality industry

Ensures your maintenance crews are immediately notified of a toilet leak without physically inspecting each unit.

Cuts water consumption

Enables your hotel to significantly reduce toilet leak water waste.

Integrates with Top PMS applications

Simplifies integration, including data sources, as well as offers an easy-to-read dashboard, reducing water waste in your hotel.

… for toilet maintenance and emergencies

Ensures always-on availability

The toilet leak device is always there and ready to automatically notify your maintenance crews of a leak.

Enables your crews to focus on more meaningful activities

Tells your maintenance crews that their time and effort is important to you and the company.

Simplifies maintenance operations

Allows your maintenance crews to take manual inspection of toilets off their activity list.

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