anacove staff safety alert

Your staff are on the frontline, empower them to get help when they need it

Provide your staff with the ability to call for help with the press of a button – hidden inside their name tag. The peace of mind it offers enables your staff to feel secure wherever they are on your property. The Anacove Staff Safety Alert smart tag allows them to concentrate on their tasks without feeling the need to look over their shoulder.

A hotel staff member wearing a name tag with built-in safety alert button.
anacove name tags with safety alert button

The smart name tag that protects your employees

The Anacove Staff Safety Alert is a smart name tag that provides a discreet-yet-powerful way for your staff to request help. The “Send Help” button is embedded within, ensuring that it’s always accessible, simple and ready to use. Just as important, its presence tells your employees that their safety and security is paramount.


Ensures your employees always have safety at their fingertips


The “Send Help” button is embedded in their name tag, so it’s always in reach


Provides a safer solution than smart phone apps that are difficult to use in an emergency


An optional features provides managers with insight into which rooms tend to take longer to clean and make ready for the next guest

Some of our Clients and Partners

Engineered for hospitality

The Anacove leadership team are experts in hotel services and staff safety management. They applied their experience, insight and knowledge – as well as multiple patent-protected technologies – into producing a staff safety alert device conceived especially for the hotel industry.

Centralized management...

Designed specifically for the hospitality industry

Ensures your staff can request immediate help at any time or place on your property.

Optimizes safety and security

Enables your hotel management team to provide a high level of protection for both staff as well as guests.

Integrates with Top PMS applications

Simplifies integration, including data sources, as well as offers an easy-to-read dashboard, improving the safety of your hotel staff and guests.

…for staff safety and security

Increases staff loyalty

Lets your staff know that their safety and security is important to you and the company.

Ensures always-on availability

The built-in “Send Help” button means that it’s always there and ready to activate.

Provides easy operation

Allows staff to request help without fumbling for their smartphone or other devices.

anacove connected thermostats

Cut guestroom electricity consumption while ensuring optimum guest comfort

anacove toilet leak detection 

Identify leaks to reduce water bills

anacove asset tracking

Identify the location of luggage carts and other items for rapid retrieval